Renegade Research Club is dedicated to a future where equitable information access embodies community-centered practices guided by participatory education. 

Meet Erin

Erin is an educator, writer, and renegade librarian. She was born in Pennsylvania, educated in New York City, and currently lives in Providence, Rhode Island. Erin believes it is paramount to seek understanding in all its forms. She is deeply interested in how dialogues and collaborations across art, science, and many other fields and disciplines can inform and expand knowledge and provide new perspectives.

Erin currently works for idsva and the Pembroke Center at Brown University. She has worked with individual artists, completed projects within special collection libraries, and has run independent programs, reading groups, and is a facilitator for Skip the Small Talk


How much should I pay on the sliding scale

Pay whatever feels fair and affordable to you based on your income. We also offer a limited number of scholarships for anyone who feels they can't afford one of our workshops or events. 

Can I take the same workshop again? 

Yes, these workshops are designed to be taken over again as needed. 

How are the workshops taught?

All workshops use participatory and responsive teaching techniques to address concerns, issues, or skills participants need or want to learn. In this way, these workshops can offer skill-based learning, but remain adaptive and approach participants' interests and the topics they choose to engage with. These workshops are designed to be taken over again as needed.